Custom made in the USA, with love

Why get a copy when you can design your own?


Now you have the opportunity to make an original design for your wedding gown. Designer Claudia Giraldo will help you create a design according to your body type and preferences. Then she will help you to choose the fabrics and decorations that best go with your design. Regardless of your budget she will select the best quality fabrics and beads for your gown.
She will set up a mannequin with your exact measurements and height to ensure a perfect fit to your body. Whether you are in town or out of state, she is able to work with you with 100% satisfaction guarantied.
It would be her pleasure to help you create “your dream wedding gown”.



Claudia Giraldo will discuss with you the design you have in mind, whether is a combination of different styles of other dresses or your own design, and when you have the final design your Gown will be made in 90 days, you will need a few fittings before the wedding day to make sure your gown is perfect. She will help you create your dream gown for an affordable price, around $2500 – $10000, average is $3500 depending on the fabrics and decorations. You are not going to need to pay extra for alterations because the gown will be made to fit your body including the hem. This represents to you immediate savings since professional alterations on a wedding gown run from $300 – 900 or even more depending on the seamstress and the alteration’s place.


Designer Claudia Giraldo works with selected fabrics for Couture designers, real crystal beads and exclusive lace and trims to create an original design. Authentic beads sparkle in an incomparable way to other beads made cheaply, and good fabrics feel and look different. The quality of these dresses is evident not only by its appearance but also by the feeling of the actual dress. Despite the size, good quality materials will make the dress feel lighter, more comfortable, and with a greater flow and grace.Your dress can be as unique as you are.