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Claudia Giraldo



At Claudia Giraldo Bridal, we’re dedicated to create beautiful, handmade wedding dresses that are as unique and special as the brides who wear them. Our story began with a Colombian fashion designer who had a passion for creating beautiful clothing, and a desire to balance work and family life.


As a young mother, Claudia Giraldo sought out a career that would allow her to pursue her love of fashion while also being present for her children. She quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for design and tailoring, and began crafting beautiful pieces for her family and friends. Over time, Claudia’s reputation grew, and she began specializing in the highest levels of dressmaking, including men’s suits and other formal attire. Her attention to detail and dedication to perfectionism ensured that her clients were always satisfied with her work.


As her business continued to grow, Claudia’s focus shifted to create stunning wedding dresses that would make her clients’ special day even more memorable. With her natural talent for design and her passion for creating beautiful clothing, Claudia has become one of the most sought-after bridal designers in the industry.

We’re dedicated to create stunning, handmade wedding dresses that are tailored to your vision and needs, ensuring that you look and feel your best on your special day.


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Searching our Style


In 2001, I arrived to the United States with my family and started working as a seamstress for The Perfect Bride in Rocky River, Ohio. I was able to obtain a Permanent Resident status for my family and myself thanks to the company’s request for my professional skills (special thanks to Karen Lackner who was my sponsor with the bridal store). This was the beginning of my journey as a wedding gown designer in the USA.


Looking Forward

Five years later, perhaps looking for warmer weather, I moved to Cape Coral, FL. In the sunshine state, I continue to put all efforts in making brides happy with their dream wedding dress, accessories and celebration.

Our Approach


I understand how important your Gown should be, because I also treasure my work and your satisfaction. With my professional opinion, finding, customizing, or designing your handmade wedding dresses makes this meaningful process easier and more enjoyable for you.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.



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 Our Values at Claudia Giraldo Bridal




People will be treated as worthy human beings, as we would like to be treated each one of us, respecting diversity, opinions, convictions and ideas.




We will have the capacity to respond for our acts and the consequences of them as well as to accept new challenges, managing to satisfy our future clients.




Punctuality is the greatest of our values, because we know that time is the most valuable resource to make dreams and expectations of our customers.





The honesty, honesty, decorum, respect and modesty that we should show the members of Claudia Giraldo Bridal when advising our customers or giving them an opinion. We will be transparent and we will look for the best solution for our clients.




It must be one of our strengths, virtue in which we must face the different emotional states of our clients, it will also allow us to maintain fidelity amid triumphs and failures caused both internally and externally.




The union and the responsibility that we will have as a team is the pillar of the result of our work, which will be reflected in the total gearing of our functions.