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Having custom made your bridesmaids dresses is a very smart decision if you can trust the dressmaker, because it saves your best friends and family from spending too much money in alterations.

When you and I know the style of the dress, I will give you a price and the dresses will be made to fit the exact measurements of the bridesmaids, including the height. Therefore they don’t have to pay extra to make it fit properly.

Whether they are in town or out of state, you can be confident that the dresses will have the exact fit, because I work with mannequins that I can set with any measurements including the height.

The average time for custom made dresses is 45 – 60 days.

Need to order a bridesmaid
dress online with confidence?

  • Take your measurements
  • Do alterations needed
  • Steam it & give it to you in a bag

The fee for this service is 100 and includes all the above package.

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