Having custom made your bridesmaids dresses is a very smart decision if you can trust the dressmaker, because it saves your best friends and family from spending too much money in alterations.

The benefits and risks of buying clothes online can be very numerous depending on the place of origin of the items, on the Internet there is a wide market to meet the demand of the textile sector and we can find succulent offers that bring us savings of up to 50% or even more compared to local establishments, but we must know well the portals where we move to minimize risks.

Buying clothes online is no longer a risky activity that very few dare, because more and more people are saying yes to virtual businesses and buying their clothes, accessories and shoes online, the main benefits of using the network of networks to buy is the possibility of accessing a greater number of options and garments that we could not get in stores, in addition to getting reduced prices.

The most common risks of buying clothes online are controlling sizes (especially in international pages) as the unit of measure used in different countries of the world is not the same.

The quality of the product is usually another of the usual problems when buying cheap clothes online, because sometimes the illustrative image or photograph can be a bit and does not fit the reality of the quality of the garment received devaluing the quality ratio -Price of the product.

The third inconvenience and fortunately the least common, is to buy clothes in fraudulent Internet pages and that we end up being victims of a scam and do not get an agreed order and lose the money, to avoid that disaster, it is convenient that before making any purchase previously check the reputation of the site, just a quick Google search.

Any purchase on the Internet implies a risk due to the possible remoteness of where the product is located, the difficulty of controlling orders or scams and for not being able to see or test the gender when it comes to clothing or shoes.

That is why we offer our clients the service of ordering through us the dresses for their bridesmaids, which includes:

– Take your measurements
– Do alterations needed
– Steam it & give it to you in a bag

How to order dresses for bridesmaids with us?

  • Make an appointment via phone or through our website.

    Tell us how many bridesmaids will come with you to prepare and take your measurements.

  • Collect for your appointment images of the dress you want for your bridesmaids.  These are our favorite brands, we invite you to check their catalogs:

    If you are a bridesmaid and the bride has already defined the style of the dress, bring the reference of the dress, we will take the measurements and make the order of the dress in your appointment.

  • At the appointment, we will choose the dress for your bridesmaids, we will take the measurements of your bridesmaids, define the budget, payment method and adjustment times.

  • When the dress has arrived, we will call you to make an appointment so that your bridesmaids can try on the dress.

  • Your bridesmaids will try on the dresses, the adjustments to be made and the time they will have will be defined. An appointment will be defined for a new test of the dresses. Occasionally, two appointments for dress adjustments is necessary.

  • At last! Your bridesmaids’ dresses are ready! Tell your bridesmaids that they can come for them, they will be ready to wear them in your marriage.

Make your appointment now!