The dress of the bride. Which to choose? Your accessories

Brides have at their disposal dozens of dress models for one of the happiest days of their lives

The wedding dresses, as with other types of clothing, have a remarkable influence of fashion that takes each season. Designers and fashion houses often mark their trends. You have to choose the shapes and shapes (necklines, tail, sleeves, etc.) that best fit our figure. Always within the model that we like more or prefer for a certain reason. As for the fabrics, it is necessary to differentiate a little if it is for a summer or winter wedding, although many brides choose to choose their dress regardless of the time of year.

The wedding dress for each time of year

For the winter they usually use fabrics such as: lace, damask, satin, micado, moire, cloth cibelina, velvet “chiffon”, ottoman, etc.

For the summer we can choose finer fabrics such as: organdy, gauze or muslin, organza, crepe, etc.

The color par excellence is white. But as indicated above, designers tend to mark their trends, and often take their broken white collections, ivories, cream tones and other ranges of colors different from white.

Wedding dress: veiled or unveiled?
The veil, if worn, can be long or short, usually tulle or lace. As in the case of wedding dresses, the options are quite diverse. The veil is an optional ‘accessory’ for a wedding dress.

What shoes to choose to wear with a wedding dress
White, usually half-heeled, neither flat nor high-heeled, and may be lined with the same fabric as the wedding dress. The most elegant shoes are closed or almost closed in their entirety. However, as in all the clothing theme, the options are very diverse and the criterion of the bride is the one that decides which shoes to wear with her dress.